The Threat Is REAL!

RFID chipped credit cards, driver's licenses and U.S. Passport cards are all susceptible to illegal scan at any time, anywhere.

YOU Are Exposed

Without effective protection, you risk your financial and personal information being captured any time you go out in public or travel.

Get Protected NOW!

Fortunately, there is PROVEN PROTECTION against this insidious and dangerous new identity theft crime wave available NOW!

Protect Yourself With Stealth Technology!

The Stealth Card® is ALL YOU NEED to protect yourself from electronic pickpockets and scan fraud! Anytime you are in public, YOU ARE EXPOSED to this dangerous new crime wave.

Electronic pickpocket thieves are everywhere. Using LEGAL and easily obtained NFC readers and scan software, they can capture the information from your RFID chipped credit cards, U.S. Passport card, and all RFID chipped Driver’s Licenses from distances of several inches up to 30 feet away! The Stealth Card® uses technology similar to the formulation that makes Stealth aircraft invisible to radar. Order your Stealth Card® and protect yourself NOW!

Consumer Reports RFID Scan Fraud Electronic Pickpocket Theft

Watch This Informative Report Describing The Risks Of RFID Scan Fraud and Identity Theft. Electronic Pickpocketing Protection by Stealth Card® Protect Yourself from RFID Scan Theft and Fraud of your credit cards and identification.


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From Consumer Reports

Watch This Informative Report Describing The Risks Of RFID Scan Fraud and Identity Theft. Soon, All Cards Will Contain The Chip Exposing You To Fraud!

Protect Yourself TODAY!

Stealth Card® Provides The Peace of Mind You Need Now That RFID Chips Are Becoming Standard In Credit, Debit and Identification Cards

Women Are At High Risk!

Address Information on Chipped ID Cards Put Women At High Risk Electronic Pickpockets Present an Increased Risk For Violent Crime